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Welcome to Royds School
A student centred learning community
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Our School Values

Welcome from the head
I am very proud to be the Head teacher of Royds School, a student centred learning community. We are creating a school where your child will grow, learn and begin to shape their bright futures. Royds will be the place where their skills will be developed, new talents discovered and ambitions realised. We know we have such an important role in the lives of your children, you trust us with their safety, well-being and education every day and we will never lose sight of that privilege and responsibility. I welcome you to come in and visit Royds and see the exciting journey we have started. Brian Kelly Head Teacher

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No barriers to success
At Royds we believe that every student should be given every opportunity to develop their skills, discover new talents and realise their exciting potential. We will do all we can to remove any barrier that prevents a student doing their very best in every area of their life.

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No ceiling to achievement
At Royds we want our students to be ambitious in their goals and to have high aspirations for what they can achieve.  We will set the highest standards in all areas of school life and support our students to meet those standards and raise their expectations even higher.

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No excuses for underperformance
At Royds we believe that learning is the responsibility of all. We want to work with everyone involved in our learning community to drive success and achievement. Through the education we provide, we know we are creating the future generations and we never lose sight of that challenge and moral imperative. We will always look for answers, solutions and improvements to keep moving the school forward and provide the best education we can.

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