On behalf of the staff, students and Governing Body I would like to welcome you to the Royds School website.

My name is Mr. Higgins, and I am the new Headteacher at Royds, January 2021. Royds school is a community school located in the south of Leeds, West Yorkshire. At Royds all students are encouraged to achieve their full potential regardless of their background or ability.  The underlying mission for Royds is to ensure that when students leave, they are happy, well-qualified and confident young adults who will be successful in the next chapter of their learning. 

Along with our clear focus on academic achievement, at Royds we firmly believe that opportunities beyond the classroom also contribute to the development and achievement of our students. In broadening student horizons, students grow essential life skills, build self-confidence and resilience, increase friendship groups and become successful adults of the future. 

At its heart, Royds combines high expectations and high standards with a strong sense of kindness, inclusivity, and enjoyment.  Our primary focus is to instil a lifelong love of learning, and encourage all students to be respectful, hard-working, confident and ambitious.  It is very important to us that we maintain a close relationship with parents and carers as education is a partnership between school and home. 

Royds has many wonderful qualities which I would welcome you to see firsthand. Once ‘lock down’ is over I look forward to welcoming you personally to Royds.

J Higgins

Coronavirus Updates

Please click the link below to access essential information for parents as well as our Health & Safety Reintegration Plan.

Transition Information

Please click below to access the information regarding transition to Royds for 2021.

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